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Dream again.
A streamer of mist fogged my mind.
Then sun shone through, leaving me blind.
The dazzling flash of your smile, its fire,
left me stunned, drunk in my desire.
You ripped me open, no walls untouched,
came crumbling down, it seemed unjust.
Now sweet surrender is what keeps,
the doubt at bay; you're all I need.
To touch you gently, stroke your hair,
hear you breathing, I don't dare,
to stir from this enchanting dream.
In you, true beauty I have seen.
The veil of sleep is slowly lifted,
leaving in its wake delight.
Cause though the dream has sadly ended,
I know I'll dream again tonight.
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As The Sky Opens :icontimetwister:Timetwister 1 1
Valentine's Poem
It was like seeing distant lightning,
anticipating the oncoming thunder.
The sudden roar, evoking,
an overwhelming echo of wonder.
It soaked me like a summer-rain.
Wordless whispers took form.
A serene, floating calm:
The eye of a magnificent storm.
It was like a faint voice,
suppressing it wouldn't do;
Which made me realise,
I might be falling in love with you
You are that distant lightning,
a lovely summer-rain
A voice singing true.
My heart stamped with your name.
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Finding meaning....
Is it the same moon we are gazing at?
the same reality we share?
Is perception the thing that binds us, or separates?
Is there such a thing as two becoming one?
Where boundaries vaporize into a vast nothingness that is us.
You inhaling the sweetness of life, me exhaling the calm that nourished our body.
An added layer perhaps, another dimension to our being;
not truly reality, yet no dream either.
Floating on an infinitely fragile sense of all-encompassing joy.
So bursts my bubble.
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A new path
A new path
Questions burn behind my eyes, unasked yet answered.
Feelings awaken from a slumber, blazing in fierce radiance.
I know the path before me; I've threaded it before.
I fear this recognition, a warning not to step through that door.
A maelstrom of indifferance shattered by a gaze of purity.
When did freedom become a thing that could be touched, felt?
How did your smile light up my world, mesmerising in its intensity.
or was it your eyes that made my icy walls melt?
You opened my mind to this beautiful yet dangerous terrain.
You opened my eyes to see a world I deemed lost.
You opened my heart, renewed warmth flowing through my veins.
You opened me, the warm flood melting this mental frost.
And so I ponder, where does this path I've seen before lead?
Murky waters ahead, familiair mists behind.
To take a dive is to be freed;
take a step back, and I'm safe and blind.
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Visions of Tranquility :icontimetwister:Timetwister 0 8 Galaxies Ablaze :icontimetwister:Timetwister 10 20 When Heavens Ignite :icontimetwister:Timetwister 5 7
Hail, you whom I cannot see.
Evading the laws which you decree.
Twisted paths you make me thread,
eluding mental clarity.
Murky road reveals history.
Future turns to prophecy;
far-fetched concept, philosophy.
Transitions mold me gently
Descending valley of recognition,
a wispy sense of deja-vu
Ascending the mount of definition,
a face revealed; I know you
Destination reached, crystal clear,
liquid silver made to see.
Gaze in the mirror just to find,
he whom I name you is me.
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Love's Cost
Taking Down The Wall,
Destroying All Protection.
Vulnerable And Small;
I Hunger For Affection.
Deep Inside Of Me,
A Well Of Doubt And Need.
In Its Water Grows A Tree;
Its Fruits Taste Bittersweet.
Leaves Pulse With Warmth And Joy.
Its Roots Drink Away The Pain.
But I Fear A Day Might Come,
When The Tree Falls To Decay.
It Is Then My Heart Has Stopped.
It Is Then My Hope Is Lost.
When The Waters Turn Deep Black,
I Shall Know What Love Has Cost.
But That Day Has Not Yet Come,
And The Tree Still Radiates.
I Still Hope To Find My Sun,
Love Entwining Both Our Fates.
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There Never Seems A Good Time To Say It.
Responsibility Seems The Only Way To Go.
But My Heart Screams To Tell Her;
While Ratio Advises To Keep Silent In Sorrow.
I Try To Hide The Truth Which Is Before My Eyes;
I Love Her, I Need Her, I Long For Her.
She Is The Only One Who Can Make Me Complete,
But I Cannot Tell Her, And So My Heart Cries In Defeat.
Then She Asks Me What's Going On,
And I Just Pretend To Be Going Strong.
For I Slowly Let Flow Life's Former Joy,
Building Walls Around My Heart Is The Only Weapon I Can Employ.
But I Do Not Need Weapons,
I Need To Make Myself Vulnerable.
I Need Her To See How I Feel,
But By Doing So I Might Destroy The One Thing That Is Good And Beautifull.
For We Have A Bond That Came Out Of Nowhere.
Telling Her I Love Her Might Forever Shatter That Which Binds.
But I Cannot Put This Burden Upon Her At This Time,
And So I Hide In The Dungeons Constructed In My Mind.
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Suffering from emotive necrophelia.
Sadness revived to be drowned in pain.
A feast of sorrow made flesh in your thoughts,
A compulsive habit of which you cannot refrain.
A mental struggle which cannot be won.
Your mind's unjust retching, succumbed in defeat.
It has not yet ended, it merely begun,
With a blast of agony, sanity blows its retreat.
Pain burns away before truth's naked eye,
Lulling the senses into serene flight.
It's only illusion, a self-induced lie.
Please heed the following words in your mind:
"I plead on my knees, I cry at the thought,
of you sitting there, alone in the dark.
When holding the steel,  it's edge upon skin,
Please read this through, and do not begin"
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Let Fly Your Hopes,
Set Loose Your Fears.
Unfold The Tension,
Release Is Near.
Ethereal Longings Of The Soul.
A Throbbing Thirst For Salvation.
Losing Form, Structure And Mass,
Fed By The Flame Of Contemplation.
No Luck, No Hope, No Options.
Crossroads, Deprived Of Any Sense.
Unbound By Rules Of Normality,
Encircled By An Imaginary Fence.
Instinct, Rudely Awakened By A Sudden Terror,
Tenderly Seeking It's Way Through A Darkened Void.
Like Roots Struggling To Find Firm Ground,
Only To Find They Will Never Be Joined.
Time, A Thing Not To Be Grasped,
Both In Life And The Realm Of The Dead.
Eternal, Ever-Changing, Never Relenting.
Not To Be Sought, But To Be Had.
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The Eye Of The Storm
The Light In Your Eyes
A Magnificient Sight
I Bask In It's Brilliance
Slowly I Take Flight
A Vista Of Life
Serene In It's Form
Sparkling With Energy
The Eye Of The Storm
The Journey Goes On
Dreams Become Real
I Am Swept Away
So Ends My Ordeal  
The Climax Is Reached
Storm's Fury Unleashed
An Intake Of Breath
The Chaos Has Ceased
The Dream Slowly Ends
No Thoughts Of Remorse
For I Truly Saw
Beauty's True And Pure Source
:icontimetwister:Timetwister 1 3
Final Sleep
As The Night Falls
You Go Back To Sleep
Finding Your Peace
For You The Stars Weep
Time Suspends Child
An Eclipse Of The Mind
A Whispering Tune
The Heartbreaking Kind
No Memories Lost
No Experiences Found
For In Your Sweet Dreams
No Limits Are Bound
A Small Tear Of Joy
A Sob Of Regret
Emotions Run Free
Your Destiny Set
The Night Slowly Ends
Your World Subtly Slows
It's Dreaded Work Done
Your Final Breath Flows
:icontimetwister:Timetwister 2 6
Gone Are The Days
Gone Are The Days,
Of Truthfull Delight.
Left Is Pure Dread,
And Horrible Fright
I No Longer Sleep,
My Beautifull Dreams.
What I Thought Was Love,
Is Not What It Seems.
Emotions Run Through Me.
I Don't Comprehend.
The Ground Shifts, Can't See.
Don't Know Where To Stand.
Whereto Went The Logic,
Of How Things Should Be.
My Feelings A Tangle,
I Wish I Could Flee.
Some Think Love A Gem,
Life's Ultimate Test.
But When It's Unanswered,
Is It Not All But A Jest?
Through Shrouds Of Mist,
I Find My Way Home.
When Thinking Of Her,
I'm No Longer Alone.
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Long time no see! Life has been hectic, so no rest for the wicked, and no time to do anything creative besides. To be honest my mind wasn't really in the right zone to do anything constructive artwise for a while, but I'm getting back in the mood to do some cool stuff. A space piece is in the works, just have to find the time to finish it. Besides that I just submited a new poem about something that has just become a major thing in my life, and with which I'm wrestling right now. Damn how the feminine kind can drive you to madness. Great inspiration though ;)


Current Residence: Netherlands
Favourite genre of music: Psychedelic, ambient, goa, progressive
Favourite style of art: Space-Art
Operating System: WinXP (Pfffff, I need to learn Linux :P)
MP3 player of choice: IPOD!!!!!
Shell of choice: Texaco
Personal Quote: Hatseklats!!!!!


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